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Insulpaint is a water based, high quality paint that is impregnated with a special proprietary ingredient called Acrad 8. The Acrad 8 gives the paint the unusual ability to block heat transfer from the outside of the coated surface to the inside. It is this ability that allows a reduction in the internal temperature of structures that are painted with Insulpaint.

Many people ask What kind of temperature reduction could I expect if I paint my structure with Insulpaint" and we cannot answer exactly, however you will be able to see from the following reference sheets that average reductions of temperatures are as per client testimonials.The added benefit to cooler temperatures is a structure that looks terrific and will continue looking great for a look time to come, a byproduct of using a high quality base paint. Insulpaint can be ordered in many different standard colours, and if you really want a particular colour that we don't already have, we can do that too! .

An important point to remember is that only Insulpaint has Acrad 8, and independent testing has proven Insulpaint with Acrad 8 is superior to all other insulating coatings. Some test cases follow at the end of these sheets to justify our claims.

Insulpaint is a surface coating applied to exterior surfaces that prevents heat from passing into the building’s interior. Insulpaint has been independently tested and conclusively proven to be more effective in reducing temperature than all other forms of insulation. While there are other heat insulating paints on the market, all of these use ceramic bead fillers to create their insulating quality. For a variety of reasons, ceramic beads don’t perform as well as Insulpaint’s exclusive ACRAD 8 formula, which has proven to reduce internal temperatures of metal roof buildings as per client testimonials. Whether it be a home or an industrial workshop, Insulpaint coated roofs significantly reduce the load and power requirement of air conditioning systems. Insulpaint clients in both extreme and normal conditions continue to report substantial reductions in energy costs after coating their roofs with Insulpaint. Independent testing by engineering & science consultants has confirmed what these clients had found through experience. In full scale practical experiments. Insulpaint can save you money on air conditioning power costs, depending on personal use and comfort levels. Client Testimonials show that Insulpaint can reduce air conditioning power use. Remember THE HOTTER IT GETS THE BETTER IT WORKS!!