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The Graffiti Off System is an integrated state-of-the-art anti-graffiti system that will provide a permanent protection to Graffiti pollution. The system has a range of highly specialised coatings designed to offer maximum protection to a wide range of substrates, and a range of remarkably effective cleaners for removing graffiti applied over the protective coating or for completely stripping the substrate back to its original form. The system comes in both Non Sacrificial and Sacrificial as listed below.


A150 Graffiti Off Finish Coat � is a single pack non-sacrificial moisture curing polyurethane coating with exceptional hardness and resistance to staining and damage from other paints, marker pens, general soiling and contamination.


B150 Graffiti Off Base Coat is a thermoplastic acrylic formulation ensuring outstanding durability and adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. It can be used as a clear or pigmented coating.


C150 Graffiti Off Cleaner is a rapid acting, water rinseable cleaner for surfaces contaminated with graffiti.


E150 Graffiti off Thinner is a solvent thinner used with A150 Graffiti Off Finish Coat


F150 Graffiti Off Finish Coat (Gloss) is a multifunctional sacrificial clear sealer based on a premium quality pure G150 Graffiti Off Finish Coat (Matt) acrylic emulsion. F150 and G150 produce a strong flexible film, which forms a barrier on the surface protecting it from UV, moisture and from graffiti attack.


H150 Graffiti Off Finish Coat (Matt) is a two pack acrylic urethane coating specially formulated to protect surfaces from I 150 Graffiti Off Finish Coat (Gloss) graffiti. The coating is non sacrificial and is highly resistant to chemical and solvent attack. The surface dries to a smooth, matt or gloss finish, which is easy to clean if graffiti attached.



A500 Insulpaint an acrylic hi-build membrane applied to exterior surfaces. Provides a barrier to heat transfer by reflecting solar radiation and by radiating its own heat outwards. internal temperatures can be reduced as per client testimonials. Please Note All Commercial or Private buildings will vary in temperature reduction results. Suitable for industrial and commercial markets. Water based with coverage of 2 sq metres per litre. Also has a Tropical version with a fungicide for areas with high humidity. Comes in 21 colours.


A800 Insulglaze Acrylic water based roof glaze-coat specially formulated to be applied over A500 to provide a gloss finish for aesthetic purposes and to reduce dust retention.



A535 Rust Primer a modified alkyd primer containing both rust inhibitive and rust passivating pigments in fillers. Inhibits the development of further corrosion. Use to give a firm protective barrier in preparation for the acrylic topcoats A500 and A200WP. Suitable for marine or mine environments, on structural steel, wrought iron, storage tanks, pipelines and bridges. Can be applied directly onto rusted steelwork after standard preparation. Covers 12 - 14 metres per litre.


A531 Metal Etch Primer a high performance polyvinyl butyryl and epoxy based self-etching coating specifically formulated to protect and promote adhesion to ferrous metals, zinc coated steel, galvanised iron, stainless steel, aluminium and fibreglass. Covers 10 - 12m per litre.


A566 Fibreglass rapid drying alkyd based zinc phosphate primer. Use as 1 st coat under A500. Covers 12m per litre.


A540 Asbestos Sealer excellent bonding and penetration to asbestos cement sheeting. After cleaning the sheeting with A547 Actinide anti-fungal wash, A540 will provide a sound surface bonding function ready for A500 application to encapsulate loose fibres.


A533 Concrete Primer suitable for both new and aged cement surfaces subject to spalling.


A537 Acticide Cleaner is a proprietary bacterial fungus and algae wash developed to irradicate growth and kill spores of these species present on roofs and walls of industrial and domestic structures.



A200WP Flexiseal a seamless water based hi-build acrylic membrane suitable for waterproofing flat concrete roofs, brick, asphalt, roofing felt, asbestos etc. Covers 0.5 - 2m per litre depending on the porosity of the surface.

A1000 Rainmaster combines the excellent durability of a premium acrylic polymer with the water repellency of silicone to provide a UV stable treatment for exterior and interior masonry. A1000 rainmaster provides protection to a variety of inorganic substrates from moisture absorption, dirt retention, and common household stains.


A500 Insulpaint a waterproofing membrane to be used in conjunction with A200WP as a weather coat and which provide an insulating barrier as an added bonus.


A232 Weatherseal a high-build alkyd resin high performance system. Has been specifically formulated to provide superior water resistance, durability and low maintenance. Resists all forms of weather erosion. Suitable for use on all substrates. Available in smooth, fine and medium texture finish. Covers 1 metre per litre.



A170 High Flex Membrane is formulated for use over butyl rubber, bituminous felts and bitumen and papers. Its acrylic formulation ensures outstanding durability and adhesion. A170 can be applied in a clear form to preserve the original substrate or can be pigmented to a wide variety of colours as required.


A800 Roof Glaze water based clear finish for rejuvenating cement and clay tiles. Also use over A500 to reduce dust retention and give an aesthetic appearance.



A350 No Mould a membrane coating containing a non leaching' fungicide designed for use in food factories, abattoir walls and ceilings where growth of mould or support of bacteria contravenes regulations. Designed to comply with the Department of Primary Industry and the US Department of Agriculture requirements.


A250 Firecheck a liquid membrane that cures to form a fire retardant coating that dramatically reduces flame spread on all types of surfaces. Also provides a complete water and weather protection with exceptional UV resistence to most water based chemicals and solvents. Ideal for coating of sheet insulation, encapsulating spayed asbestos, pipe lagging and stairwells where fire protection as well as a decorative finish is required. Manufactured to provide a zero spread of flame' rating when tested to AS1530, part 3-1976, substrate classification. Impact resistant. Covers 1- 4m 2 per litre.


A300 Safety Grip is a single pack water based state of the art cross linked polyurethane coating which is environmentally friendly and cures into an attractive, tough, textured coating with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance and slip resistant qualities. Safety Grip contains no VOCs or odour and is non-flammable.


A201 Acryflex is a premium water based coating specially designed as a high build membrane / mastic coating. The coating produces a high elastic film, which is extremely flexible and very strong, producing an abrasive resistant, durable finish for exterior and interior applications. A201 Acryflex can be built up and reinforced making it capable of bridging gaps of several millimetres. A201 Acryflex has a low moisture permeability providing the surface with long term moisture protection.