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Client Testimonials


What our clients are saying about Insulpaint

Initially we had a problem that vegetable oil that was stored in steel tanks was being constantly heated up by the sun and was losing its intrinsic qualities. We were so impressed by the reduction in the temperature of the oil after Insulpaint was applied to the tanks, we decided to coat our office porta-cabins with Insulpaint. Since doing this we have noticed a consistent 15% energy saving on air conditioning usage.We are very satisfied with Insulpaint and would not hesitate to recommend it to others.

Prem Maker
Areej Vegetable Oils and Derivatives
I was involved in a project where we converted sea containers into on site medical units for remote desert locations. After coating the converted containers in Insulpaint, the interior temperature would always remain 10 - 15 C below the ambient temperature. This allowed a cool enough working environment for doctors and patients and what is more, Insulpaint required very low maintenance.

Ray McNally
Managing Director
Ray McNally Builders
After experiencing extreme temperatures in our distribution area, we had Insulpaint applied to the outside of the metal roof. Since the application, I have had very favourable feedback from staff working in that area and reports from the Warehouse Manager indicate heat reductions of some 12C in the warmer months of the year.

David Mitchell
National Manager
Construction and Maintenance Liquorland Head Office
Before Insulpaint, our aluminium motor control cubicles (mccs) were experiencing internal temperatures of 56C - 65C, creating an inoperable environment for staff and also causing fuses to melt. After a variety of options were deemed unsuccessful (air conditioning would overload & insulation would trap heat), mccs were coated with Insulpaint. After coating, interior temperatures dropped dramatically, never rising above 46C a drop of 19C.

Allan Clifton
Building Officer
Dampier Salt Operations
In my role as that of Coating Services Manager, I recently applied a coat of Insulpaint to one of two 20ft steel containers. In my tests the following day, the ambient temperature was 39C, the uncoated container was 54C and the Insulpaint coated container was 32.8C. When touching the surface, I found hard paint with good adhesion and a non slip surface. I have no hesitation recommending this product to anyone.

Alan Maskrey
Coating Services
Manager Lamprell Dubai
Insulpaint is the most efficient heat rejecting membrane I have encountered in over 25 years of working on the problems of heat transfer. It may be the most cost effective means of reducing the internal temperature of a building in our hot climate that has yet been developed.

Professor J Goldsmith
University of New South Wales

Insulpaint completed the job in August last year. We have heard a lot of sales pitches before, so we become cynical. Accordingly, we thought that even if it achieves 60 % of what it claims, we will be ahead. However, the Insulpaint has worked better than we dared to hope, thus well exceeding our expectations. My wife does not like the heat, and usually by December I have to get out all the fans ( pedestals and others ) to try to keep her less hot. But this summer, the inside of the home has been significantly cooler, to the point that I have not had to get the fans out at all, and my wife comments on ' how cool the house is ' - believe me, this is a first, after 38 years in this house. So, thank you for a product that lives up to the advertised ' blurb '.

Brian Mollan
Personal Residence

Hi Lester,
How are you? We have had some good temperature, Tuesday it reached 49 degrees just outside the shed. The big problem we had was the really hot wind coming into the shed, we have tried to keep it out but without a big success. The temperature inside was around 40/41 degrees because of the hot wind. On a normal day like today we’ve got 43 degrees outside and 33/32 degrees inside.

Miki Pensotti
Maintenance Planner, Sweeter Banana Co-operative

After one of the hottest Perth summers on record we had to have our air-conditioning running flat out to make it bearable to work in our offices. Since having Insulpaint applied we just run it for a couple of short bursts each day on really hot days. The difference has been astounding.

Baines Manchester
Craig Manser, Area Manager

We have a beautiful old brick and clay tile home of 1950 vintage with high ceilings and tall roof spaces. The home keeps comfortably cool in summer, except that is for the rear family room, which was an add-on extension some twenty years ago. The heat absorbs through the flat tin roof and tiny six inch roof space to make the room stifling and unusable during hot summer days. We finally installed a 2.5hp split system air-conditioner in the room to relive the heat but soon realised the expensive running costs when our first electricity bill arrived. We were then introduced to Insulpaint. It sounded like the ideal solution for the family room roof but we were unsure that it would really work. We gave it a go and chose Beech, a light reflective colour that would have the best effect. The first real test in Perth’s summer heat came the other day when the max was over 37C at around 2:00pm. Sitting on the couch in the middle of the day watching sport on TV was remarkably comfortable. Where as before we would have the air-conditioner running continuously, we did not even need to turn it on. At times we switched on an electric fan to circulate the air but the difference was quite remarkable. The room was just as comfortable as the rest of the house. We have just ordered 4 more litres of Insulpaint to now do the roof of our back colour bond work shed. I have a chest freezer in the shed and should save on running costs there. We are quite impressed with this product.

Private Residence
Bruce and Karen, Attadale, WA

Insulpaint was applied to our zinc roof in early 2007. Before Insulpaint was applied, on a 28/30-degree day outside, the temperature recorded inside was above 40 degrees. Once Insulpaint had bee applied there was a noticeable difference. The infra red measuring device on a 42 degree day outside, recorded the inside temperature at 27 degrees. As an environmentally passive way to cool our building, Insulpaint has worked very well.

Fremantle Markets
James Murdoch, Director

Please find enclosed my thoughts on how I think the painting of Room 17 at Glengarry Primary School affected the living/working conditions of the demountable I worked in for six years.
Before the painting of the building I had previously experienced temperatures in winter during the morning of 5 degrees Celsius and in summer 43 degrees Celsius in the actual room at the peak of the day. After the room was painted with your Insulpaint, I noticed an improvement in a number of conditions which make the room more habitable for both myself and the students in the room.

  1. The room was noticeably cooler in summer and did not reach the very hot temperatures of previous years
  2. The room was easier to heat during winter and retained the heat for a longer time
  3. Heaters were able to be turned off at an earlier time as a suitable temperature for the rooms was reached more quickly
  4. I noticed that to get the same heat as previous years into the room I did not have to turn on all the heaters but only two
In my opinion I think that the painting of the demountable with your Insulpaint greatly improved the cooling and heat retaining ability of the demountable.

Glengarry Primary School
J.M Murphy

Dear Sir,
I am expressing my delight at the results of your product on my roof. Today the 15th Jan 2009, it is currently 35 outside on my patio at 2pm. Inside it is 25 with no fans or air conditioners working. My 3 neighbours all have their air conditioners running. The amazing results bring me to ask you to put one of your signs up on my property as I feel the sooner people understand the benefits are very real, they too will paint their roofs and sheds. I started in the building industry in 1974 with Ogilby Homes at Kewdale and to my way of thinking, heat reduction paint and double glazed windows are a necessity for this climate. I congratulate your company for your persistence and may you prosper.

Private Residence
Mavis Beckett, Huntingdale WA